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Without handicap

We’d like to make the fun of winter sports accessible for everyone, including those with special needs. Our programs offer many opportunities for an unforgettable experience through an our specially trained instructors and the cooperation of the ÖZIV Carinthia team.

Through this initiative, and thanks to numerous donations, ÖZIV Hermmagor was able to procure the first special needs sports equipment – a MONOSKI – which can be rented in our Sölle rental store since two years. It has recently been supplemented with a BISKI. 

The Mono- or Biski can be rented by appointment: 39 € for ÖZIV members, 45 € for non-members.

From now on, we can not only offer you these 2 pieces of equipment, but also instructors who are specially trained to support people experiencing the following disabilities: 

  • Monoski/Biski with a physical disability
  • visual impairment and blindness
  • hearing loss
  • mental handicap
  • learning disability
  • other chronic and mental illnesses

Prices "Without Handicap"