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Alpine safety

More and more people feel the need for individual experiences in the free mountain world. However, specific skills and know-how are needed if you’re away from the prepared slopes. This is exactly where our safety course comes in: we provide you with a solid basis for a safe freeride or touring experience. 


Facts about our safety days:

  • Discussion and analysis of avalanche situation reports.
  • Factors influencing the snowpack.
  • Correct handling of safety equipment.
  • LVS training.
  • Tour planning and execution.
  • Correct behavior in alpine terrain.
  • Available every day.
  • Safety equipment (backpack, avalanche beacon, shovel, probe) included.
  • Also possible for small groups.
  • If you have your own safety equipment, please bring it along for a check

Group courses and prices available This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.